The KKIFF is delighted to announce its line-up of World Movies to be screened at MBO Imago Mall from 22-29 July.

We have movies from 9 countries: Germany, Denmark (for the first time), Brazil, Italy (also for the first time), Argentina, Georgia, France, Spain and New Zealand (again, for the first time!).

So travel around the world, learning how people love badly, get old, learn about war, fight the mafia to develop their land, try to get rid of their wife, buy a fishing boat to improve their family’s situation, hunt for their mother’s missing dead body, meet their dead brother and make a song into a new national anthem!

From Germany:

The Promise

A true story
Thanks to the Goethe Institute

From Denmark:

Key, House, Promise

With a wonderful performance by
the main actress

Thanks to the Danish Embassy

From Brazil:

The Lost Patrol

A war movie with a difference

Thanks to the Brazilian Embassy

From Italy:

Mafia & Red Tomatoes

Land rights Italian style – fighting the mafia

Thanks to the Italian Embassy

From Argentina:

A Boyfriend for My Wife

Trying to get rid of your nagging wife by finding her a boyfriend…

Thanks to the Argentine Embassy

From Georgia:


Just out of prison, and trying to improve his family’s situation, but…

Thanks to the Embassy of Georgia

From France:

21 Nights with Pattie

The daughter comes back for her mother’s funeral, but the body disappears!

Thanks to the Alliance Francaise and the Institut Francais

From Spain:

They are all Dead

Diego comes home after the Night of the Dead – not surprising, except that he is dead!

Thanks to the Spanish Embassy

From New Zealand:

Poi E: The Story of Our Song

Traditional melodies are mixed with a modern beat and a Maori popsong becomes a hit!

Thanks to the New Zealand High Commission