Sabah Film Academy

Making a documentary or a narrative
Date: 9-16 July 2017 in KK

What is it?

4 teams of participants from Malaysia working with mentors from Europe, the USA, Korea and Malaysia make either a 10-minute documentary OR a 10-minute narrative film.

Participants apply individually to be in either a documentary or narrative team.

  1. Documentary teams will have 3 members. Each member will take a role: director, DP or editor.
  2. Narrative teams will have 5 members, with the following roles: director/scriptwriter, production manager, assistant director/continuity/camera assistant, DP and editor
Entry Requirements

Eligibility – who can enter

  1. Malaysians over 18 years of age and excited about working in filmmaking
  2. Already have experience in: directing, cinematography, editing, production design, sound or producing for at least one short film
  3. Can communicate in English (the official language of the Academy)

Application requirements

  1. Fill in the Sabah Film Academy registration form – including
    (a) the link to your YouTube upload and
    (b) a story* for a 10-minute documentary OR narrative (up to 500 words)
    OR attach your story document
  2. Applications close on 19 May 2017

    * The story you send in should be one that you are interested in, that you have an angle on, that you are perhaps already following, that is preferably already well researched and ready for production – and that can be shot in KK.


    Timetable for Sabah Film Academy 2017

    Pre-Production Phase & Production Week Programme:

    1 – 30 June & 1-8 July PRE-PRODUCTION Documentary – in teams, with Coordinator and mentors – start shooting

    Narrative – start working on scripts with mentor (online)

    9-10 July
    Registration – Documentary and Narrative teams

    Master Classes for all participants
    1.00-2.00 Lunch
    2.00-5.00 Master Classes for all participants
    11-12 July
    10.00-1.00 Pre-production discussions participants
    1.00-2.00 Lunch
    2.00-5.00 Pre-production discussions
    13-14 July
    All day Shooting / Editing
    15-16 July
    All day Editing – Final Cut screening on Sat, 15 July

    Premiere Screening at Awards Night on Sun, 16 July, 7.00pm
    Presentation of Mentors’ Awards and Attendance Certificates



    • Directing
    • Technical
    • Post-production


    • Directing & Scriptwriting
    • Technical – cinematography, lighting, sound
    • Post-production

    Additional Information
    1. Team members from outside KK will be provided with airfares and accommodation (where required).
    2. Participants will be provided with meals/meal allowance during the Academy.
    3. Teams are encouraged to use their own cameras, lighting and computers for editing. If any other equipment is needed, the Sabah Film Academy will try to source it. This will be discussed during the pre-production meetings.
    4. Transportation for shooting will be available on July 13-14.
    5. Teams who are shooting a narrative are responsible for finding their own locations and actors.
    6. Documentary teams will be allocated an allowance of RM500 each to cover shooting costs between July 9-16, including protagonists’ or actors’ fees. This is refundable on production of receipts.
    7. Narrative teams will be allocated an allowance of RM1000 each to cover shooting costs between July 13-14, including protagonists’ or actors’ fees. This is refundable on production of receipts.
    8. All films must be shot at locations within the city of KK.
    9. A Mentors’ Award will be given to one member of each team. They will be the most valuable members of their team, the ones who show leadership qualities and have budding potential.
    10. The films made during the Sabah Film Academy are the property of the KKIFF. Teams may ask permission from the KKIFF for screenings and submissions to film festivals.