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Venue: Sabah State Museum
Date & Time:  8 June 2013 @ 2:30-4pm
Curator: Kok Siew Wai

This is a special KLEX program that consists of video works from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan and USA, literally or indirectly exploring the themes of nostalgia, recollection, memory and internal dialogues.

This is a special KLEX program that consists of video works from Malaysia, Hungary, Japan and USA, literally or indirectly exploring the themes of nostalgia, recollection, memory and internal dialogues.

The human brain is the most fundamental agent of archiving. Like it or not, it records everything every single moment. After the recording, some materials are remained while others are discarded, and then some are twisted, created (out of the absence of a desired memory) and re-created (perhaps because it’s too painful?). Memories are stored in different forms: image, sound, smell… that eventually provokes emotions. What is “real”? What we “see”, or “experience”, or what we “remember”? Sometimes, the brain records a journey with rapidly changing images and sensations. In those split seconds, which image and sensation will remain in our consciousness and enforce new actions?

Participating artists include Wong Eng Leong, Alison Khor, Satake Maki, Akiko Nakamura, Charlotte Lim Lay Kuen, Kok Siew Wai, June Kyu Park, Peter Lichter, Kamal Sabran and Charles Fairbanks.

Total Runtime: 65 minutes

Sky Don’t Fall (2011) 3:11 min
NAKAMURA Akiko, Japan
image1 I’m watching the sky
I wanna make sure the sky don’t fall
I’m gonna make sure that doves fly
Cause kids fly too
I’ll always make sure the sky don’t fall
Then I see the moon sets over the bank sign
When the Time Without My Memories (2010) 4:55 min
Alison KHOR, Malaysia
image2 For my parents: A time that never occurs in my memory but were their most precious moments in life.
Omokage (2010) 6:20 min
SATAKE Maki, Japan
image3 My parents and grandfather took a lot of photographs and videos in my childhood. My grandfather who was a photographer died about ten years ago. He left many forgotten photographs when I was a child. I am searching for the world in the interstice of the record and the memories.
Beauty Evaporates (2011) 4:00 min
June Kyu Park, USA
image4 Beauties are found in burning and melting. The sympathy and the respect for the analogue medium, the ritual for the farewell.
Hanger (2012) 12:30 min
Charlotte Lim, Malaysia
image5 A woman who is in love, believes that after she dies, she will exist in this universe, in another form of being. The relation between a beautiful object and human is imagination.
Cassette (2011) 10:00 min
Peter Lichter, Hungary
image6 Our last class-trip was at the end of sixth grade in April 1997. After this we did not see each other for years. One of us took a dictaphone with himself on this trip. Recently we have come across the recording by chance.
Morning (2011) 3:00 min
Kok Siew Wai, Malaysia
image7 In the morning, very loud dogs’ barking woke me up. I walked up to the window and saw a very unlikely scene, not the usual morning breezes and birds chirping. I quickly took out a camera and pressed “record”. Reality is blunt, straightforward, and intense. All is part of nature.
Di Bawah Bintang Mengerdip (2010)
Under the Twinkling Star 3:30 min
Kamal Sabran, Malaysia
image8 Di Bawah Bintang Mengerdip is a collaboration project between experimental musician, Space Gambus Experiment with A. Samad Said, a national poet Laurette. The inspiration for this poem was derived from unfortunate living stories that he’d heard from some dancer friends. He was deeply touched by their stories and wrote this poem in 1960.
Mist (2012) 3:50 min
Wong Eng Leong, Malaysia
image9 A nation that is seemingly well-developed and peaceful, shattered by a mere demonstration of the people’s will. Why is the people’s democracy incarcerated? When those in power fail to address the rights of the people, should the people not contemplate and decide for our future? We only hope for our voices to be heard.
Irma (2010) 12:00 min
Charles Fairbanks, USA
image10 Irma is an intimate musical portrait of Irma Gonzalez, the former world champion of women’s professional wrestling. Filmed in Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl – a notorious district of Mexico City – Irma contradicts everything we have come to expect from stories reported from Mexico. Featuring music written and performed by Ms. Gonzalez, Irma’s story surges with love and deceit, masculine strength, feminine charms, and an extraordinary sense of humor.“A portrait built like a Russian matryoshka: surprise after surprise, revelation after revelation.” – Carlos Ramos / Indie Lisboa


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Extended Deadline: 20 June 2013 (Postmarked or Submit Online)
Festival Dates: 21-24 November 2013

“Ancient myth predicted a closure of some sort in our human stories for a point in time not too long ago. We know only so much. Nature is beyond our imagination. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? Is there a tomorrow? We anticipate, retrospect, and we wait. Quietly yet extensively gathering massive energy. Awaiting the dawn.
And then, it happens!
Now, we are here, you and me, all of us.
And this is the tomorrow.
Are you ready?”

Use the word “Metamorphosis” as an inspiration for your new experiment with film & video for the 4th KLEX 2013!

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