Narrative Stream
Al Jafree Md Yusop (Director)
Jafree began his career as a scriptwriter. He wrote the film PALOH for director Adman Salleh and the stage musical P. RAMLEE THE MUSICAL for Enfiniti Production. His directing career started with SENANDONG MALAM, a telemovie which he co-directed with Dain Said. He then directed MELUR VS RAJAWALI and KEMBARA NAK DARA, both telemovies for RTM. MENCARI RAHMAT* is his feature film debut.
*Mencari Rahmat will be screened at MBO Imago Mall on Saturday, 29 July, 7.00pm – Closing Night
Jeffri Yusof (Technical) – Independent Motion Pictures and Film Professional
Jeff has been in the film industry as a cinematographer for 30 years. He shot his first feature film when he was 32 years old. Since then he has shot tv dramas, documentaries and tv commercials. Jeff has been involved in both foreign and local productions.
Isazaly Mohamed Isa (Post-Production)
Skill: Film, Television & Digital Media Production & Post-Production with over 20 years working experience. Diploma in Filmmaking and experience in television and films, including REDHA*. His latest award was for TRAIN STATION – Best Feature Film at the Miami Independent Film Festival 2016.
*REDHA will be screened at MBO Imago Mall on Saturday, 22 July, 7.00pm – Opening Night
Documentary Stream
Georg Zengerling (Technical)
Born in 1986 in Gotha, Germany, Georg started his career with a hands-on education in lighting, working at various studios and on-location sets in Berlin. After three years of professional training at the ARD station SWR in Stuttgart and Tübingen, he became an audiovisual media designer. Specializing in camera technique,e he went on working for the SWR as a 1st AC. Since 2012 he´s returned to a freelancing and works mainly for documentaries as a DoP and postproduction supervisor. As such, THE FORECASTER and THE PROMISE* are his first feature length productions and the results of his ongoing collaboration with director Marcus Vetter.
*THE PROMISE will be screened at MBO Imago Mall on Saturday, 22 July, 9.00pm – Opening Night
Buzz10 Filmmakers’ Competition
Hassan Muthalib
Hassan Muthalib is a self-taught artist, designer, animator, film director and writer, involved in the Malaysian film industry for the last 52 years. Among his award-winning creative works are short animated films, commercials, public service ads, documentaries and Malaysia’s first animation feature. Hassan has given presentations and workshops on design, film and animation and been on film festival juries around the world. He has curated and presented animation programmes for Germany, Hungary and Singapore, and film festivals in Malaysia. He is currently a film critic and writer, researching and writing on Malaysian cinema. He has published two books: Malaysian Cinema in a Bottle (2013), and From Mousedeer to Mouse: 70 Years of Malaysian Animation (2016)