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KKIFF 2016

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Congratulations to KKIFF participant

Congratulations to Nizam Andan on winning a grant from the Freedom Film Fest to make his movie: Sindiket: RCI Sabah dan Projek IC. He was one of 4 Malaysian Grant Winners whose films were...

KKIFF 2015 Awards Winner List

LIST OF WINNERS Rolling10 Filmmakers’ Competition, Sabah Pitching Training & Awards Sabah Film Academy Rolling10 Filmmakers’ Competition [table width=”100%” colwidth=”20|170|35|70|50″ colalign=”left|center|center|center|center”] ,Award,Receiving ,Film Title,Director(s) 1,JuiceSky People’s Award ,Trophy & Cert,Race Against Time,Lim Jian Hui...