BUZZ10 Filmmakers’ Competition – Entries



Ester Saminding – Malaysia

Based on a true story, a single mother, Loiy, is raising her children alone. A conflict occurs when Bitut, her son, is accused of stealing the neighbor Sara’s eggs. The village chief punishes Loiya and requests her to pay compensation to Sara even though she did not do anything wrong.

Hello Pirit

Kwan Thung Seng – Malaysia

Lonchura consume worms during the early stage of paddy growth. Later on, they consume harmful insects as the paddy develops for the rest of the season. However, they also consume ripe crops when the harvesting period is reached. Farmers develop tricks to defend their crops – they set up a platform in the centre of the field and coloured clothes, cans and plastic bags are hung from ropes radiating from it. This vantage point covers all corners of the field. The sound generated when the ropes are pulled can scare away birds. Scarecrows and kites are also used to frighten away birds, preventing them from returning.


When our gardens grow silent

Mzung – Vietnam

I remember when I was a child, I used to live in a garden where animals often came for visits. From every direction, my footsteps touched the greens of the forest. As I grew up, the forest gradually receded and animals stopped visiting my dad’s garden. Wild animals are hunted and expelled to caves in order to entertain humans. In the future, how far will my children and I have to travel to see my animal friends and the green colour of the forest?

The Light of Hope

M Iskandar Tri Gunawan – Indonesia

Tomi is a disabled ojek (motorcycle taxi driver) who felt that people with disability has no hope in Indonesia. Now, he is sure that he can live a normal life just like any other human being, although he knows the way to get there will never be easy.

The Last Survivors

Natasha Venner-Pack – Malaysia

During World War II, Yap Chwee Lan saved countless lives in Johor Bahru – by hiding them in her husband’s laundry shop. R.AGE took her back to the places in her memories as part of The Last Survivors, an interactive documentary series featuring stories of Malaysia’s WWII survivors.

The Master Weaver

Borneo Art Collective – Malaysia

Rumah Gare is a longhouse that sits by the river of Kapit. It is the home to the finest weavers of Sarawak, but among them an elderly woman tops the rest. Her name is Bangie ak Embol, and she had lived through many misfortunes of life to become the Master Weaver of Pua Kumbu.

Zero Level

Ko Oo – Myanmar

Kaing Thaung Island is located in the ocean near the Ayewarwady river mouth in the Andaman sea. The islanders are just at zero level. They have got to know that someday the island will be submerged under water so they should not live there anymore. But, for them, they cannot be concerned about so-called ‘sooner or later’. One of the musicians composed a song for Kaing Thaung Island that gives us the alert about both the cause and effect of climate change.

Seletar’s Hidden

Luqman Nurhakim – Singapore

Hidden behind the development of Malaysia’s Johor Bahru, Danga Bay is situated in the northern part of Singapore, containing a settlement of Orang Asli (indigenous people) also known as the Orang Laut Seletar (Sea Gypsies), not known to many. Seletar’s Hidden is a short observational documentary about the Orang Seletar who once thrived on the sea, currently living off the coast of Johor Bahru. It pictures their traditional dependence on the sea and how they adapted to changes around them, pushing them to live on land. With the surrounding development, they possess challenges that may possibly bring their community to extinction.

The Men Who Carry Thaipusam

Shanjeev Reddy – Malaysia

During Thaipusam, most people are fascinated by the pilgrims’ extraordinary acts of devotion in carrying their giant kavadis – physical burdens – up the 272 steps to the temple at Batu Caves. Kavadi porters, however, make that same trip, carrying the kavadi back to where the pilgrimage began, all on their own, as often as five times a day.

The Act of Neighbourhood

Awgku Khairuddin Bin Awang Kasim – Malaysia

The Act Of Neighbourhood is a documentary about a few occupants being given a chance to reenact and recollect their most memorable moments around their neighbourhood. A lot of things have changed especially in terms of lifestyle since the boys from that neighbourhood have all grown up.

Aku Juga Manusia

Syahrizan Bin Ramlee – Malaysia

A documentary about the journey of an immigrant who came to another place to get a job and to survive.

unavailable for viewing


Sanjaythiyan Santhian – Malaysia

UNSUNG is about our attempt at breaking the stereotypes we Malaysians have of foreign workers. Our documentary gives Malaysians an insight into the struggles the foreign workers face each day – from the danger of their work environment, the discrimination they receive from the public, and of course, the pain of leaving their families for years at a time. And all for a better life for those back home.

Living Alone on Bung Jagoi

Yow Chong Lee – Malaysia

“Living Alone on Bung Jagoi” depicts the story of Jema, an indigenous lady in her late 60s who lives alone on Bung Jagoi, Sarawak, while the other villagers had left to embrace modernity downhill. Living without the facilities commonly accessible to others, her tenacity is among the main reasons she chooses to live alone uphill.

From the Ashes of Khmer Islam

Chen Yih Wen – Malaysia

38 years ago, the Khmer Rouge communist regime attempted to ban all forms of culture, including religion. Now, Cambodia’s tiny Muslim community is still picking up the pieces – with a little help from Malaysians.


Charles Hazo – Malaysia

Shelter provides protection from the rain, wind, hot sun…a place to live, considered one of the basic needs of life. Within a big city covered with many new tall buildings, where supply is more than demand, there is still a small group of people unlawfully occupying an uninhabited building. They are called squatters. Some young squatters were even born in the abandoned house – note their tenacious vitality in such a hostile environment.

Another Exodus

Le Nguyen – Vietnam

A fishing village wakes up to the murmur of predawn prayers, and has its daily life lapped by turbulent breakers. Living in that buzzing environment, villagers are still quietly recalling the good old days while waiting for what’s coming up next.


Heaven of Children

Masoud Soheili – Indonesia

A boy and girl explore an abandoned cinema and find a roll of film that they watch but are thrown out by security before they finish the film so they try to imagine the ending.

unavailable for viewing

Bus Stop

Tusilya Muthukumar – Malaysia

Bus Stop is a film about a boy who boards a haunted bus at midnight.

Steam Fish 《蒸魚》

Tay Sheik Er – Malaysia

A story about a girl trying to get her mom’s attention and family love but who always keeps getting ignored. In the end, she realizes love does not only come from words. This is inspired by a true story.


Mohamad Khairul Azizi Bin Khalil – Malaysia

Kosong is a story about memory and intertwined fate, where no matter how much you want to lose the memories, they will keep you coming back to the same exact situation if you do not move on.

Roti Kosong

Muhammad Umar Bin Zairul Hisham – Malaysia

Our journey in life is always filled with important and big events in between our pauses, stops and goes. However, we seldom realize that the most memorable journey in our life is the simple everyday routines when we spend time together with our loved ones before they are gone.

Paper Plane 《纸飞机》

Tay Sheik Er – Malaysia

A story about father and a daughter who meet each other after 15 years. Even though everything has changed, the relationship and memories between them still remain because they are the only things that cannot fade.

When It’s Time to Grow Up | Aman Nak Besar?

Mohd Affendi Bin Azizan – Malaysia

“Aman Nak Besar?” depicts the story of a boy, Aman, and his journey to undergo circumcision. Accompanied by his parents, a yin and yang couple of nagging wife mixed with a literally mute husband, Aman observes and learns through this special day in his seemingly mundane everyday life.

Withered & Bloom

Kwan Thung Seng – Malaysia

Chu Feng Li is a dancer who loves dancing but is suffering from depression. She operates a dance room with her ex-boyfriend. Due to the lack of audience at her great dance shows, they are facing financial problems and will shut down soon. Chu Feng Li does not want to give up her upcoming show called “Flower”. On the last day of operations, she completes the dance by herself but she also ends her own life at the same time.


Nur’ Adawiyah Binti Abu Hassan – Malaysia

Ejo is a Muay Thai fighter who trains hard to prepare for a fight against the team from Thailand. His father is a former Muay Thai fighter who died during a battle against the Thai team. Ejo has the urge for revenge and wants to defeat the Thai team for his father. However before the fight begins, the opposite team makes many moves to stop Ejo from winning the fight.

I don’t want to die

Yeap Swee Leong – Malaysia

A male tree wants to talk to a female tree, but they can’t since they don’t have mouths. Jacky tries to help them understand each other and will be their interpreter. He just found they love each other.


Mohammad Yusof Bin Sadjirin – Malaysia

This film tells the story of Arfan’s perseverance in carrying out his obligations in regards to the welfare of his father. Arfan is an obedient child, sacrificing everything as his aged father becomes increasingly frail. Although his sister, Fatimah, also helps to look after their father, she always feels it as a burden and is sometimes negligent in her care. When Fatimah and her husband plan to go abroad for a holiday, Arfan feels this is not appropriate as their father is unwell and in pain.

A moment of regret

Michelle Xin – Malaysia

This is a story about the neglect of a working mom that causes her child to go missing. It shows how regretful she was. It is a story of awareness – that it takes only seconds to lose a child. A reminder to parents to be alert all the time before it is too late.

Heart (Jiwa)

Al Fazhir Bin Ali – Malaysia


Heart (Jiwa) tells the story of a child named Julia who is kindness itself. One time when she was little, she helped a homeless boy in front of her grocery, asking her father to give the boy a little food and some money. 25 years later, she was suffering from heart cancer and needed prompt surgery that had a high cost. But the doctor who was the boy she had helped 25 years before bore the cost of her medical expenses and her father became the heart donor.

Diari Pembunuh (Killer Diary)

Muhammad Nazri Bin Walkie – Malaysia

About a man who wants to fix his past because he killed the brother of a gang leader. At that time he had been hounded by groups under the gang leaders … because he failed to be assassinated, gang leaders have been offering him work to make amends throughout his life as an assassin. A fight takes place between all the gangs.


Geraldyn Acibron – Philippines

This is based on a true story of a strong and wilful woman who lives in a mountainous area with her granddaughter. The story shows the life of a farmer who dedicated her life since she was young. It is an illustration of survival towards hardship and struggles in life. At the young age she already witness the the realm of life. But how will you live the life that you’ve wanted for so long when in just one accident you even declared yourself as dead and nothing you can do to help. Is life still worth living for in the dark?


Dale Owen Stephan – Malaysia

Jack, a drug producer and distributor has just got back from drug dealing business and finds that his partner, Awang, is in danger with a krait on top of him. Jack then struggles to help his partner by imagining himself as a lady doctor.

Si Tommy

Kubendera M.S. Mahadevan – Malaysia

Budiman, a 10-year old Muslim boy receives an emergency call, telling him that his neighbor has gone to Taiping Hospital, leaving their dog behind. The dog literally barks non-stop as it’s very hungry. Budiman, together with his father, is determined to help provide some food for the dog. However, a few unwelcome obstacles await them.