Announcing the CINEBALU selection for the KKIFF 2017

The KKIFF had a wonderful range of submissions to CINEBALU this year. From the 40+ entries, we selected 18 shorts and feature-length films from 9 different South-East Asian countries for our CINEBALU screenings.

  1. Redha/Beautiful Pain – Malaysia’s submission to the Oscars last year – about a family with an autistic child
  2. Shelter – a short short about the meaning of home
  3. Mencari Rahmat – the world premiere of this sophisticated black comedy
  1. My Life I Don’t Want – an animation based on the harsh realities of women’s lives
  2. Lovely Bones – physical disability doesn’t mean less life or less happiness
  3. Mudras Calling – finding your roots can lead to all sorts of discoveries

  1. I am Jupiter I am the Biggest Planet – even in quite a sordid situation, people can make a stand against oppression
  2. Digpa Ning Alti – it starts as an ordinary day and leads to an unexpected disaster
  3. Marangle (Farm) – he gives up everything to work overseas and comes back with what?
  4. Matangtubig (A Town in a Lake) – a murder mystery
  1. Ferris Wheel – gets inside the experience of a person crossing borders illegally for work
  1. The Silent Mob – people are used as political pawns, but they are still people
Still from Turn Left Turn Right
  1. Turn Left Turn Right – a quirky story told in an unusual way centred on a young Cambodian woman
  2. Arcadia Project – the stories of three immigrants to Germany from Spain, Kenya and Korea
  1. Sweet Bloom of Night Time Flowers – a ghost story with a twist
Still from Pleco Fish
  1. Pleco Fish – What happened to this young woman? What will happen? It’s white on white but the emotions are not.
Taiwan & Taiwan/Philippines
  1. Maluquun – focuses on the daily routine of four elderly Taiwanese and the ‘salt’ in their lives
  2. Arnie – about the hopes and dreams of Filipino migrant workers in Taiwan

Watch the KKIFF website and facebook pages for the full programme of movie screenings From 22-29 July at MBO Imago Mall