A thought on Kota Kinabalu International Film Festival

Sabah Pitching Training & Awards: "...Fast rising to become a hub for Southeast Asian documentary filmmaking with relevant projects that are bursting to be realized.”~ Nick Deocampo, SPTA Trainer 2016
Sabah Film Academy: Telling Malaysia’s stories through documentary and narrative
CINEBALU: Showcasing the latest films by regional filmmakers
World Movies: Films from around the world celebrating what unites us and what makes us different
Filmmakers’ Competition: “Quality is going up!”~ Hassan Muthalib, Judge of Filmmakers’ Competition for 5 years
KKIFF: A recognised annual gathering place for the regional and international filmmaking community
Vision: To build up, nurture and present emerging filmmakers from Southeast Asia


Movie making workshops

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Let's grab some popcorn

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Sharing movie recipes

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Supported by:

  • Goethe-Institut Malaysia

  • US Embassy

  • Kadazandusun Language Foundation

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